• Eduardo Caballero, Founder/Chairman, Caballero Spanish Media

    Broadcast pioneer, with 50 years of experience in Spanish-language radio and television and a member of the Broadcasting & Cable Hall of Fame since 2003.

    Upon arriving from his native Cuba in 1962, Cabellero began his American broadcasting career in local radio ad sales. He was the first Hispanic to hold the position of GSM at a U.S. radio station. Later, he moved to Spanish-language television as VP,GSM of the network called S.I.N.(which is now Univision).

    In 1973, he started Caballero Spanish Media (“CSM”) where he created the first-ever US syndicated Spanish-language TV program entitled “Lo Mejor del Cine en Español” (The Best of Spanish Movies). The series, which ran for 5 years, featured Mexican-born actor, Ricardo Montalban as its host.

    In 1975, when the Spanish-language media industry was still in its infancy, Caballero, and wife Raquel, started the nation’s first national advertising sales rep firm for Spanish-language radio. When he sold this company to Interep Radio twenty years later, the company had grown to represent almost 200 Spanish radio stations (about 70% of the then-existing Spanish-language market) and generated millions of dollars in revenues from leading national advertisers. Today, that business has grown to represent over 1,000 stations nationwide.

    He has also collaborated with many others including CBS Radio, Major League Baseball, NBC, CNN RADIO NOTICIAS (CNN Radio Noticias en Español)) and MTV.

    In 1998, he founded a broadcast television network to target young U.S. Hispanics called MásMúsica TeVe, which he sold to Viacom, as part of a new MTV venture, MTV tr3s.

    He is generally acknowledged to be the “godfather of Spanish language media” in the U.S.A.